Web design portfolio

Ferry Travels

This site was created for an easier way to book a car ferry all across Europe. The site has over 380 pages with maps and all the information needed to plan a vacation across the Channel. They also offer Rail tickets (CTRL, EuroTunnel) and car, hotel and flight bookings

Best Official Domains

My client purchased a franchise to sell domain names, web hosting, and many more Internet services. Because the site he received couldn't be optimized for SEO he asked me for a front end design, with more information, faster loading time and better search engine optimisation.

Rezerva Zbor

I created this site for one of my clients back home, mostly for flight bookings. It also provides airport information, car rentals and hotel reservations. The site is designed for romanian touristic market and offers important information about destinations.


CLIMM - Local Council of SME's Tg-Mures, Romania

This site will be the official site of the Local Council of SME's Tg-Mures. Unfortunately I didn't receive all the information needed to finalize it, therefore is up on a test site just for demonstation. This site will be available in English also.

Local Council of SME, Romania

Romanian Entrepreneur's Day 2007

Official website of the Romanian Entrepreneur's Day 2007, created with the ocasion of this national event under the aegis National Council of Small and Medium Sized Private Enterprises from Romania. I created all their image together with all advertisement materials, banners, flyers, CDs, photos, etc. All the preparations took over 2 months of continuous work.



Instaservice was founded in 1990 to obtain the following objectives: civil and industrial designing and execution in construction; execution of electrical, petroleum, water, heating and cooling installation. They also offer tehnicval advice in all the domains mentioned above.